10 g宽带

The migration path to tomorrow’s bandwidth

以目前的增长率, internet services (including data-intensive gaming, 虚拟现实(virtual reality)和OTT HD视频(OTT HD video)结合到今天的数字电视服务,将在短短几年内耗尽今天的HFC网络的全部容量. Networks must start evolving now to survive.

CommScope提供了迁移路径,允许运营商充分利用现有的HFC基础设施. With CommScope’s fiber densification solutions, operators can roll out advanced network options targeting higher capacity, 更低的延迟, 增强了安全性,降低了运营成本——在不影响劳动力和预算的前提下.


可靠性- 10 g -英雄- 400 b

定义10 g宽带

Applications will soon need vastly higher symmetrical internet speeds, 超低延迟, 和不妥协的可靠性, 安全与安全. 正在开发的10G宽带平台的速度比现在快10倍,比大多数消费者目前体验的速度快100倍. 需要指出的是,“10G”指的是10gb / s (Gbps)的速度,而与“5G”无关,” which indicates the fifth generation of mobile broadband.

CommScope is here to help you on the path to 10G broadband. 了解我们的十博备用网址如何帮助您使您的网络成为十博备用网址的准备就绪,而不管拓扑或技术.

What do I need to know about 10G broadband?


10G宽带如何为下一代的应用做好网络准备, 无论拓扑还是技术? 现有的技术可以提供比今天快10倍的速度. This affects different parts of the network in different ways. More fiber is required on the access side and in the passive optical network. 10G使得添加诸如管理语音、视频、数据和物联网服务等功能成为可能. Remote PHY可以将DAA的优势扩展到传统的分段结构和光纤深度结构.

CommScope拥有一系列经过验证的FTTx十博备用网址,还引入了虚拟化创新,极大地提高了网络规模, 速度和延迟. We’re happy to discuss the best possible approach for any specific network.

How can 10G broadband ensure networks are future-ready?
速度- 10 g -英雄- 400 b


行业专家表示,10G平台将为需要快速响应的应用提供至关重要的支持, reliable combination of fixed and mobile networks. 10G offers increased capacity and security, 无缝连接, 高可靠性和低延迟, and will be instrumental to the future of the innovation economy. However, 10G broadband won’t be introduced at once, but will gradually be built on existing infrastructure. This has consequences for different parts of the network.

What are the experts saying about 10G broadband?

CommScope 专业服务 has the expertise to plan, design, manage and build-out your 10G broadband network.





CommScope provides everything you need to make your network a success. Partner with the industry experts in connectivity, trusted by service providers worldwide to shape their future networks.



超过10个,000 patents across the world in more than a dozen industry categories, CommScope设计和创建十博备用网址,帮助您的网络工作在最佳状态.




At CommScope, we not only build solutions to deliver peak performance; we also certify them. So, you can be sure your network receives exactly what you expected.